Health & Safety

Following best practice Health & Safety measures means that CORDE are qualified to handle any task, whatever the complexity.

Health & Safety

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our team, partners and the people in our community where we live and work is paramount. We have systems in place to deliver that, certified to the international standard, ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management).

For us making sure everyone goes home safe is vital – but we are also building our people systems in such a way to ensure that our team get personal and professional benefit from their work here too. That is one of the reasons why the term “connected” is so core to our brand. When it comes to our team and how we work together, we believe “duty of care” goes beyond compliance and so we are building in care into how we treat and work with each other to build in positive, sustainable long term health, safety and wellbeing.

Key Focus Areas

Robust Systems
In the field, all our contracts adhere to our health and safety plans. Our control systems include:

Crew briefings are used at the start of each work day to communicate and plan the work in terms of responsibilities, safety, quality and productivity.
Safe work statements or work instructions
Competency assessments, ensuring the team is able to complete their work
Permit processes to prescribe how a task is to be performed and any limitations.
Full cover personal protection equipment (PPE) worn always.
Monitoring and regular site inspections, both scheduled and random.

Learning & Development

We are committed to investing role and person specific training opportunities and qualifications, understanding the value of ongoing learning. The breadth of learning and development includes;
Mandatory licensing training, induction modules and safety information
Role specific industry qualifications and training
Role-specific competency training, and mandatory annual health and safety refresher training
Toolbox talks – monthly health and safety discussions designed to keep safety front of mind.
Plant competency training to verify the team have the right skills, certifications and licensing.
Site safe best practice training for safe work methods and operating instructions

Critical Risks

The identification, assessment, management and audit of our critical risk activities is key to our commitment to the teams health, safety and wellbeing.

We emphasise the importance of planning and leadership when undertaking critical risk activities and we constantly review the effectiveness of all elements of the effective management of critical risks.
Leadership Development
We are committed to the establishment of our leader education programme to address H&S leadership development and wider leadership competencies as we seek to build a CORDE leadership culture.


CORDE has taken a strong but caring approach to the COVID pandemic from the start receiving very positive feedback from the team on the approach, levels of support and communication provided.

Notable in that response was the decision not to mandate vaccination but to recognise the diversity in our team while maintaining the best in controls to mitigate the risk.

Our expertise

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