CORDE is assembling a dedicated team for a significant community effort – the revitalisation of the Avon River and its adjacent streets. Our mission encompasses the stretch along the Avon River, spanning from the iconic Bridge of Remembrance to the Fitzgerald Ave Bridge.

Our central hub for organisation and gathering will be the picturesque Margaret Mahy Family Playground BBQ Area. From this point, we will deploy teams in both directions along both banks of the river. The collected materials will then be returned to the Margaret Mahy Family Playground, where they will be meticulously sorted and responsibly disposed of.

To culminate this rewarding day of community service, we will come together for a delightful shared BBQ, prepared and cooked by the CORDE team. We’d love to see you there!

CORDE City Clean Up

Friday the 29th of September
10am – 1pm

Finishing up at Margaret Mahy Playground
Shared BBQ from 12:30-1:30

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