Combining the expertise of a large team across multiple disciplines allows a more holistic approach in our methodology. We enjoy providing this unique perspective in local problem solving.

The importance
of being local

The ability to provide great methodology starts with a deep understanding of our local environment. We have always been based in the South Island and we are proud of our in-depth knowledge and the advantages that gives our clients.

The local compliance regulations, consent issues, traffic management and Health & Safety outlines, not to mention the importance of our connections with local iwi, allow us a unique ability to deliver. Our industry-leading, multiple ISO accreditations, ensure we have world class methods that align with each local council requirements.

But our main asset is always our team. Over the past few decades we have created and developed an agile team of industry leaders who have a deep understanding of each facet of horizontal infrastructure. From the design and delivery, to the yearly maintenance, CORDE knows how to build well – to maintain well. Our specialist methodology comes from this combined, intrinsic knowledge. The earlier we can join a project, the better the outcome for clients, suppliers, engineers and our team. 

Work with us

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