The journey that has led to today has been decades in the making. Over the years we have created and acquired many companies, all with their own brand and history.

This combined history has given us a strong presence in multiple industries and locations throughout the South Island.

Up until today we have been trading with three names, Sicon, Blakely Construction & Blakely Three Waters, representing the three main divisions we are specialists in. During our brand/culture surveys, market research and discovery phases, our team and clients told us overwhelmingly that we needed to unite.

One name. One team.

Officially from Monday, January 31st, all the divisions of our company come together under one name.


The definition of CORDE is multifaceted. It signifies the ‘connections’ between people and place, it also means ‘strength’ and quite importantly, in latin it means ‘heart’. This new name will give our team clarity & unity – we are very proud of our new brand.

We thank all our clients for their support in this new, exciting direction for our company.

We look forward to the planned growth that this year will bring and thank you for helping make this company what it is today:

Trusted, connected and now united.

You’ll see our new design roll out over the coming months. We have lots of exciting initiatives to share in this new journey we are now on.

Watch this space!!!


David Wilson