The purpose of the CORDE DGRS Twilight Challenge is to offer a broad cross section of runners the opportunity to run on the track to achieve a goal, have fun with others of similar ability, and meet outstanding runners past and present – all to bring together the community and the competitive runner.

The event took place on the 22nd of March and included 5k, Mile (1609m) and 800m runs for all ages.

It was a fun-filled, well organised event. Everyone’s contributions through participation, support, and assistance created the magic. We witnessed the fastest men’s mile and 5000m run on Ngā Puna Wai, as well as Sally Gibbs (the legend) running a Masters age category WR in the Women’s 5000m. We also witnessed many people stepping up and giving track a go for the first time.

Thank you to Andrew Loader from our Construction team for getting this idea through our Collective Impact, the DGRS team, the Riccarton High School Media team, Angie Petty and Modecai Nkhwazi for the live stream commentary and photographer Jamie Curd for their combined efforts to deliver a production and event to be proud of.

At CORDE, we’re passionate about our communities and being a United Team, which is what the DGRS Twilight Challenge is all about. Here’s to the next one!