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We’re very proud of the work we do to sponsor and help others in our local communities.


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We’re very proud of the work we do to sponsor and help others in our local communities.

Getting stuck in to lend a helping hand and putting in the mahi tahi for a worthy cause – it’s all part of the culture of our united team at CORDE. Our passion for local allows us to really get to know people in the regions we work in and give the support that’s needed. It’s the hometown advantage we are known for.

We love supporting the community interests of our CORDE whānau. It’s who we are. Whether it’s sponsorship or an extra pair of hands, we strive to lift each other up and strengthen the communities we work and play in each day.

Below are some of the community 
projects we’ve been involved with

CORDE DGRS Twilight Community Running Challenge
We are the major sponsor of the CORDE DGRS Twilight Challenge track running event. The idea behind this event is to deliver an inclusive and community orientated track event where every participant feels welcome, supported and hungry for more runs.
CORDE recently spent some time helping out at Burnham Playgroup. Located by Burnham Military Camp, the outdoor area and playground of Burnham Neighbourhood Playgroup was well used and seeking some attention. We got stuck in, removing the old materials and providing fresh bark and sand for the sandpit, making sure everything was safe and structurally sound while also completing a good tidy up.
With a stunning backdrop of snowcapped mountains and not a cloud in the sky, the CORDE team hopped over to Springfield for a planting day with Te Ara Kākāriki – Greenway Canterbury. We enjoyed a beautiful morning planting 700 beech forest seedlings to increase biodiversity in Waitaha Canterbury.
The Parks & Reserves team have been busy marking fields at Foster Park. We had a request for line marking by Selwyn Sports Trust for the Koru Games as well as the kids Kī-o-rahi tournament.
This is a heartwarming story of giving back to the community. The chance to help restore the Parnassus Hall after the earthquakes and give the residents back a crucial asset for their future feels incredibly rewarding in every possible sense.
We love getting involved in local events. We have a few CORDE trucks displayed in the Ellesmere A&P Show. A great day out with the family!
We provide industry training for High School students as part of the National Training Academy. The students are able to take a hands-on approach learning the practical skills of an excavator in a safe environment, as well as the different job opportunities / career pathways within CORDE.
We put our hand up to help out with the improvement of the Hagley Golf Club, making our resources and teams available to build out the Club foundations and drainage systems.
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