Brought forth through our Collective Impact programme, this is a heartwarming story of giving back to the community. The chance to help restore the Parnassus Hall after the earthquakes and give the residents back a crucial asset for their future feels incredibly rewarding in every possible sense.

The team from Parnassus requested assistance repairing the Parnassus Hall. They had just about completed repairs on the building from the earthquakes, but needed a couple of drain layers to install the water sewer tank. The Highway Police uses this building daily.

We renewed all of the SS drains, connected into the existing septic tank, installed SW drainage to stop the SW ponding around the building. Completed minor landscaping to keep the place tidy and as dry as possible. Thank you to all who were involved.

This project incorporates our values and is why Collective Impact is so important. Whakawhairinaki – Kaitiakanga – Mahi Tahi. Connecting people to their place by working together.