Halswell/Wigram Skyhawks Team

Our very own Scott Esdaile has been coaching the team for the last 6 years. We’re stoked to see them wear their new gear with great pride.

Selwyn United Football Club RED Team

John has been coaching at this club for 10 years and this team for 4 years. The team has just been promoted to Division 1. Well done boys, keep up the good work! Awesome to see you with your CORDE gear.

CORDE DGRS Twilight Challenge Sponsorship

CORDE DGRS Twilight Community Running Challenge

The purpose of the CORDE DGRS Twilight Challenge is to offer a broad cross section of runners the opportunity to run on the track to achieve a goal, have fun with others of similar ability, and meet outstanding runners past and present – all to bring together the community and the competitive runner. The event […]

Burnham Neighbourhood Playgroup Refresh

Thanks to Tasha at the Burnham Neighbourhood Playgroup. We had a great open day and were very appreciative of the New Zealand Defence Force for presenting us an award for our efforts. Well done to Nelson for the awesome Collective Impact idea to help out, and to the whole team who made it happen. We’re […]

Te Ara Kākāriki Greenway Planting Day

Te Ara Kākāriki are doing awesome work creating a ‘greenway’ corridor of native biodiversity Greendots across the region from the mountains to the sea, which will increase the variety of habitat available for indigenous wildlife. What an awesome day to plant in Selwyn’s spring sun, adding to the biggest greendot, Ōkakaraiti. Team effort all round!

Line Marking for Selwyn Sports Trust

CORDE put our hands up to help and we were very happy to sponsor with our time, expertise and materials, allowing these kids to enjoy some great sports days! The Koru Games and the Kī-o-rahi tournament is an awesome chance for our local kids to enjoy sports together in the beautiful Selwyn. Thanks to Selwyn […]

Parnassus Hall Sponsorship

Brought forth through our Collective Impact programme, this is a heartwarming story of giving back to the community. The chance to help restore the Parnassus Hall after the earthquakes and give the residents back a crucial asset for their future feels incredibly rewarding in every possible sense. The team from Parnassus requested assistance repairing the […]

Keep New Zealand Beautiful CORDE City Clean Up

CORDE is assembling a dedicated team for a significant community effort – the revitalisation of the Avon River and its adjacent streets. Our mission encompasses the stretch along the Avon River, spanning from the iconic Bridge of Remembrance to the Fitzgerald Ave Bridge. Our central hub for organisation and gathering will be the picturesque Margaret […]

Ellesmere A&P Show

Great to get involved in the local community at the Ellesmere A&P Show.